My name is Anthony Fox and I met Chuck at a gun show in Puyallup, Washington. Prior to meeting Chuck, I had previously purchased five (5) holsters for my .45 automatic, which ended up breaking over a period of one year.
At the gun show, I requested Chuck’s business card and decided to give him a call. He made a double-leather holster for my .45 and I was impressed with the results. I returned to Chuck and he made a cross-drawer holster for the 357 magnum snub nose. Continuing to be impressed with the quality of his work, I decided to have Chuck make my ultimate holster – a western style fast-draw. Chuck did a fabulous job and made everything down to the final detail, including all that I had requested.

I would highly recommend Chuck for all your holster needs. He is professional, listens to your specific requests, and takes pride and care in his work.

Anthony Fox, March 6, 2008


Just a note to express my appreciation and say “thank you” for the great job you did on producing the custom made holster, belt and accessories for my new revolver. Having been unable to locate a commercial produced rig to meet my specifications, I came to you with my requirements. With your skill, expertise and suggestions, I came away with a custom rig which is exactly what I wanted. Later I had you construct an additional custom holster for another revolver to be alternately used with this rig.

You met my requirements on both occasions. Also, I found your prices to be reasonable.

Rest assured I will rely on you for any/all my future needs of this nature. I whole heartily recommend you to others who require/desire quality leather work at a reasonable price.
Yours truly,

R.B. Guinn, March 4, 2008


Chuck Hooks has been doing all my leather & saddle repair for over 20 years. He is an excellent craftsman and has always been prompt, reliable, and cost efficient. Chuck’s built everything for me from stirrup leathers to gun holsters; all top quality work. Thanks, Chuck!

--Doug Stroud, March 2, 2008
2007 NRCHA World Champion

Hello Dog Lovers Everywhere,

I am Bob Smith owner of Bob's K-9 Associates.
I would like to state that in all my fifty years of dog training, the VERY BEST came from Chuck Hooks. They are handmade by this craftsman. He uses top grade leather, make various size and colors. I am proud to promote
these leashes and collars.

These items are two of the most important devices in dog training. Chuck Hooks has the best and his a specialist in the field. He will hook you up.

Bob Smith SR
Master Trainer

We are so pleased with the job that Chuck Hooks (Hooks Leather & Tack) did for us making and installing the straps and handle for our old Sea Chest. It was so stressed when we got it and Chuck took the time to do the research on how they should look and be attached to the chest. It now has a proud spot in our Living room.

Tom & Bobbie O’Day, February 29, 2008

I met Chuck at a Washington arms show in Tacoma. He had a leather goods booth set up there.
I looked at some of his work and made an appointment to come to his shop in Lynnwood.
I wanted a western style gun belt and holster for a colt Peacemaker. It took about 5 days and was well worth the wait. Both the material and the workmanship were beautiful. I have shown it to several people and they were very impressed. It’s not really the type of thing you can wear to the store but if the time ever comes I’ll be the best dressed gunfighter on the walk. It is really an outstanding piece of craftsmanship.

Bob Neal

To Whom It May Concern:

I took a couple of my 10” camp knives to Chuck Hooks with my own design for the sheaths I wanted. He looked over the sketches, suggested a couple of improvements, and wrote up a reasonable estimate on time and price. I went for it. He called a couple of days later and asked me to come over to see the paper layouts before he started to cut leather. I am only 2 ½ miles away. They looked fine and after about an hour of “knife talk”, I left.

Less than week later, he called and said they were finished.  What a beautiful job. They were “on time and under budget”, plus a fine fellow to chat with.


Rod Smith

Just a note to express my appreciation and say "thank you" for the great job you did on producing the custom made holster, belt and accessories for my revolver.  Having been unable to locate a commercially produced rig to meet my specifications, I came to you with my requirements.  With your skill, expertise and suggestions, I came away with a custom rig which is exactly what I wanted.  Later I had you construct an additional custom holster for another revolver to be alternately used with this rig.  You met my requirements and expectations on both occasions.  Also, I found your prices to be reasonable. Rest assured I will rely on you for any/all of my future needs of this nature.  I whole heartily recommend you to others who require/desire quality leather work at a reasonable price. 

Yours truly,

R.B. GuinnSilverdale, February 29, 2008

Working with Horses and putting shoes on them is a dangerous job. I rely on Chuck’s craftsmanship everyday to protect me. The quality of his work, attention to detail, and willingness to customize for my individual needs is why my brothers and I choose Chuck.

Howard Carroll, 03/08/2008

Chuck has worked on 2 of my saddles.  When I say "worked on" I really mean he took them apart, cleaned and repaired and put them back together. I couldn't be happier with the results.  The first saddle I had done was a fancy show saddle, Chuck completely cleaned it, replaced the sheepskin and found a matching back cinch piece (which wasn't easy as it's tooled leather).  I get so many compliments on the saddle, it's absolutely stunning. The second saddle Chuck did is very near and dear to my heart.  I saved my allowance, mowed lawns and babysat to earn the money to buy this saddle when I was 11.  This saddle was well used over the years.  Trails, 4-H, training a few colts (we all know how hard that is on saddles).  Now at 47, I am using my saddle from long ago (it looks new) and is the most comfortable saddle I've ever used.  I can't thank Chuck enough, he truly is an artist.

Kim Head, 03/12/2008

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